Zain Kuwait eye disease campaign raises KWD 32,000 within 5 days

June 27, 2018

Zain Kuwait has announced the success of its 'Zain Al Oyoon' humanitarian campaign held in the Holy Month of Ramadan in partnership with Direct Aid and YouTube star Omar Farouq (Omar Tries). The campaign raised KWD 32,000 within five days to build two camps for treating eye diseases, which will benefit over 800 people in Africa.

The campaign aimed at collecting donations for Al Noor Camps to treat eye diseases in Africa. It began with an initiative called 'Do You Have KWD 1.00?', in which Farouq visited public places and asked pedestrians for KWD 1.00, which he gathered to collect the cost of one eye surgery (KWD 40). The initiative centered around the idea that helping people can start at any amount, no matter how small.

An official donation channel was then launched in partnership with Direct Aid, where KWD 32,000 were collected within just five days to build the two eye camps.