Zain startup hub inaugurated in Kuwait

May 9, 2018

Zain Group has announced the opening of its Zain Innovation Center (ZINC), a co-working hub that aims to bolster youth entrepreneurship and the country’s startup ecosystem. The design of the hub utilizes light to create a supportive atmosphere for entrepreneurs to generate new ideas and develop them into viable opportunities.

Apart from the co-working facilities, ZINC will provide aspiring entrepreneurs and startups access to experts in various fields and advice from mentors from the region and across the globe, including from Zain senior personnel and associated technology partners. The company is working with Erada Business Incubator to develop the services. Erada cooperates with multiple entities in Kuwait with expertise in various industries including design, talent development, sales strategies, payment solutions, financial modelling, and legal structuring, to ensure the growth and success of startups.

The ZINC initiative was first launched in Jordan, where it has proven to be an exceptional success, Zain said.