Kuwaiti maintains Al-Ahmadi Refinery at USD 16 million cost

February 14, 2018

Overall maintenance of Al-Ahmadi refinery that began on January 20 would last for 35 days, with projected cost at KD 5.1 million (USD 16.9 million), said a leading oil executive.
The refinery is under maintenance as part of a standing policy to check installations and equipment once every four years, indicated Fahad Al-Daihani, Deputy Chief Executive Office at the refinery -- affiliated to the National Petroleum Company, at a news conference on Tuesday.
He affirmed keenness that the works would not affect operations at the key refinery.
Wadha Al-Khatib, in charge of technical services at the KNPC, affirmed that the maintenance works would not affect the refining operations, noting that female Kuwaiti engineers partook in the operation.
Ahmad Dashti, in charge of the maintenance department at the company, says 80 percent of the works are being perormed by the KNPC national personnel, with assistance by foreign workers.
Maintenance works at peak times have involved up to 2,100 engineers, technicians and workers from inside and outside the refinery, he added.
The project, among various goals, also aims at upgrading the facilities to help in promoting high quality and environmentally friendly fuel derivatives and products, by 2020, Dashti elaborated.
For his part, Haidar Darweesh, a maintenance coordinator, also affirmed determination to abide by schedules, safety and security standards in the process .