KOC says new gas station puts greater value on production

February 5, 2018

A new gas station launched by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) would ultimately increase the value of locally produced gas, while keeping sudden flare-ups at bay, the company's CEO said on Sunday.
Jamal Jaafar's remarks came in a speech during a ceremony to open the new gas station, where Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water Bkheet Al-Rashidi, along with a number of senior officials from the oil sector, were in attendance.
He hailed the new station as a milestone that would help turn Kuwait into a gas and oil powerhouse, saying the company is working diligently to produce record volumes of gas and oil through a number of monumental projects.
On the technologically equipped station west of the country, Jaafar revealed that the versatile apparatus has the capacity needed to handle booming gas output.
Meanwhile, KOC's CEO for Exploration and Gas Mnahi Al-Enezi said that gas production in western Kuwait is worth a record 250 million cubic feet per day, the bulk of which is churned out at Al-Ahmadi refinery.
He pointed out that the new gas station is a notable addition to the list of achievements the company has amassed, citing a global energy transition to clean and less costly sources such as natural gas.
Al-Enezi stressed that KOC would use any means necessary to ensure top-notch gas production.