Goodyear launches new truck tyres for hot climates

January 29, 2018

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, a leading tyre maker in the US, is set to launch KMax Extreme - a new line-up of truck tyres specifically engineered for use in extreme hot climatic conditions.

The new line, which offers improved wear, greater durability and lower operating costs, comprises the KMax S Extreme steer tyre, KMax D Extreme drive tyre and KMax T Extreme trailer tyre. These tyres have been designed for trucks operating long distances in multiple loading conditions that are primarily running on roads where long-term resistance to heat is the main performance factor.

The main benefits the tyres offer are regular wear to maximise life and lower operating costs, and greater durability. Specially designed tread patterns and compounds ensure regular wear and resistance to abrasion in hot conditions and the carcasses are likewise designed to cope with long life cycles in such conditions.

“The New Goodyear KMax Extreme truck tyres have been developed for hot running conditions such as experienced in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries,” remarked Rupert Kohaupt, the sales director for Truck Tires, Emerging Markets Goodyear EMEA.

“These conditions increase wear and reduce durability in standard tires so the new tires have been engineered to not only overcome these issues but also to save fuel and reduce operating costs,” he added.

The KMax Extreme tyres feature tough carcasses with a construction that gives maximum performance and retreadability with excellent durability and reduced weight.

The tread compounds too have been specially developed for cool running to ensure extended mileage under high temperature conditions as well as low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

'A special feature of the KMax S Extreme steer tire is IntelliMax Rib Technology. This improves the tracking and steering on the front axle, shortening stopping distance and increasing mileage. The tread design comprises stiffener bridges in the central grooves,' remarked Laurent Colantonio, the director truck tyre technology for Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

'These connect when the tire rolls through the footprint allowing the two central ribs to support each other, stiffening the tread design and limiting slip especially when cornering. Thanks to the design, steering precision and road holding is maintained throughout the tread’s life,' stated Colantonio.

'The KMax D Exttreme drive tyre has also been designed to provide long lasting uniform wear, while delivering excellent fuel economy performance,' he added .