H&M to launch new store, Nyden, aimed at millennials

January 8, 2018

The boutique will offer affordable luxury to the thirtysomething crowd

In the latest move to expand its empire, high-street giant H&M is about to open a new store, Nyden.

Joining its growing stable of stores, including Cos, & Other Stories and last year’s wildly successful Arket, this offering is aimed squarely at millennials. Called Nyden – a combination of the two Swedish words for new, ny, and it, den – the store will be all about affordable luxury.

Although details are vague as of yet and there is no confirmed launch date, it has been revealed that Nyden will be headed by Oscar Olsson, the man who has led the H&M Innovation Lab since 2013, and it will move away from the traditional retail model of seasonal collections. Instead, Nyden will offer curated collaborations, with people whom Olsson dubs 'tribe leaders'. The first such tie-up will be with LA-based tattoo artist Doctor Woo and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (star of the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo trilogy). Aiming to grow organically, like a small start-up, Nyden is not slated to follow H&M’s behemoth business model of a store on every high street.

To add to the mystery, all that has been revealed of the actual store so far is the logo – seen on its Instagram page: a simple white slash on a black background.